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Supporting Champions Webinars are each created with the sole purpose of equipping and enabling you to up your impact. By focusing on the priority skills that you’ll need in order to make a difference in sport and performance, this rich source of content is invaluable, and will give you the ‘edge’ when you start to put what you learn into practice.

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Letter to 15000 title page

The Letter to the 15,000:


The Letter to the 15,000: get the lowdown on what it's like working in the world of professional sport.

- Will be covering; what you're taught versus what you need in order to thrive in work
- The vocational skills gap
- What can you do about it?
- What are the key steps in moving forward?
- Q&A

Sports Employers Webinar

What Sports Performance Employers are really looking for

26th October 2020 7pm (GMT) FREE

We're going to uncover what employer are really looking for from you to convince them that you're worth employing in sports performance

I'll be sharing;
- top characteristics
- sought after skills
- how to show your skills
- Q&A

This webinar will be replayable in the membership.

last day to enrol membership

LAST DAY TO ENROL: Find out about the Graduate membership and how people are getting ahead

2nd November 2020 7pm (GMT) FREE

Find out all about the Graduate membership platform and how it's help people bridge the vocational skills gap.

In this webinar you'll discover;
- why, what and how the vocational skills gap exists
- what you'll need to create a bridge to the industry of sports performance
- what the graduate membership has to offer
- how members are getting ahead


Pros and Cons of running your own consultancy

20th November 2020 12pm (GMT) MEMBERS ONLY

Have you considered setting up your own consultancy? Are you already up and running?
In this webinar we'll explore the strengths and weaknesses of running your own business, consulting with individuals, teams and companies.

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