Game Changing


Supporting Champions Webinars are each created with the sole purpose of equipping and enabling you to up your impact. By focusing on the priority skills that you’ll need in order to make a difference in sport and performance, this rich source of content is invaluable, and will give you the ‘edge’ when you start to put what you learn into practice. You can also find out more about our online Kickstart Performance Skills (KPS) course by clicking here.



How to ace a virtual interview

18th May 2020 6:30pm (GMT)

Steve's next book will feature everything you need to know about interviewing. With the rise in video conferencing especially with COVID-19, brush up on virtual interviews with Steve's advice for the TOP 5 ESSENTIALS for delivering an excellent video conference interview.

Questions and answers

Open Q&A: A chance to connect with performance people

1st June 2020 6:30pm (GMT)

The live Q&A is back: Steve will host your questions and get the discussion. What are your burning questions?





Why do I need these webinars in my life?

The Supporting Champions Webinar Programme is specifically designed to support and equip you in the world of sports performance to meet the challenges you'll face on the journey ahead. Over the last 25 years we’ve found that the limits to our effectiveness and impact are rarely technical, in other words, we don’t seem to lack for knowledge. Rather, it is the craft skills that makes the difference when applying knowledge to the complexities of training for performance, working through real-world problems, working with others, creating change, breaking new-ground, with a performance focus on how we perform. ​

Who are these webinars for?

The Supporting Champions Webinars are aimed at students and recent graduates aiming to work in sports performance.

What will I learn?

The webinars are focused on developing the highest priority skills for future practitioners and coaches to thrive in their roles in sport. You will benefit from; Focussed development in high priority craft skills Immersive, intuitive and inspirational content Live Q&A ​

Is there a cost?

Nope ​

Can I sign up to all of the webinars?

Of course! You can't block book unfortunately but go ahead and sign up for them all. Also you should know that typically more people register than attend and so attendance on the day will be on a first come first served basis. If it is full, you'll see the notification - "This webinar is now full". ​

What technology do I need to tune in?

Most use a home computer or laptop, or you can use from your mobile device. For your first webinar we'd recommend you logging on 15 mins before to get all set up and download the Go To Webinar platform in advance. We'll be there to welcome you on 10 mins before. ​

Can I phone in?

Yes, when you register, we'll provide you with a weblink and a phone number if you want to call and listen along? ​

Will there be a chance to ask questions?

Indeed there will. For all webinars we'll allow a chance for you to grill Steve with your specific questions via the chat text box. ​

Will there be a chance to watch/listen again?

Yes we'll send you the link afterwards or you can visit this link to replay ​

What happens if there is a problem with the streaming speed or if the image is blurry?

There is an option to switch to 720p on screen and if there is a complete shutdown don't worry we'll send you a link afterwards when you can watch again. ​

Will there be resources available?

This depends on the webinar that you sign up for, but in most instances yes. At the start of the webinar we'll tell you what resources will be made available to you.