Top websites for jobs in sport and performance
Continuing our focus on supporting performance people of the future by offering more support for students, graduates and early career professionals – this week I’m offering up my advice as to where you might want to look and what you need to know about these job websites;
First up, it’s worth recognising that not all performance based jobs are advertised. Bummer hey? If you’re particularly after a job in professional sport and by that I mean football, rugby, golf, baseball, American football, basketball, ice hockey – there is a strong chance that jobs in these clubs are not widely advertised. When I say widely advertised, I mean that clubs will almost certainly advertise them because in many countries they’re required to by law, but companies are known to do a ‘soft advert’, i.e. stick a one-pager up on a notice board, that doesn’t really get seen. Why would they do this you might ask? Often the company has someone in mind? Why? Because they know someone already, often from work experience or an internship (unpaid or otherwise).
That’s a pain isn’t it? I will address the best way to tackle this one in a blog another time (or you can SIGN UP to hear about our upcoming WEBINAR PROGRAMME where we’ll address this directly). For now you’ll just need to know that major clubs don’t tend to advertise on their main website, though occasionally they will on public sites – and bear in mind these tend to be for more junior roles.
In the meantime here are my suggestions for the top websites to keep an eye on while you’re on the look out for performance jobs;
(quick disclaimer, about 65% of our subscribers are UK based so I’ve weighted the number of UK sites accordingly. However, I would say that many of the UK sites attract international companies to advertise through them (there must be something about advertising through UK sites that is attractive to recruiting people).
If you want more information about these sites I have knocked up a FREE GUIDE that might help you further by giving you my thoughts on what to expect from each.
UK based
Jobs ranging from CEOs to lifeguards and everything in between. Probably the biggest collection of performance based jobs out there.
The job section of this site has grown in popularity recently and is attracting good job postings
Mainly academic postings so great if lecturing or researching is your thing.
BASES job page carries a handful of select jobs, mostly in academia, often in performance
BASEM job page has a load of sports therapy and medicine opportunities
Once the ‘go to’ place. There is a whole array of sports jobs here that you’ll need to wade through.
Oriented again to primary secondary education opportunities but some great little opportunities posted here
Has a truly international offering and worth keeping an eye on for some plum jobs
An independent collation of high performance jobs – this is a good site that gets updated regularly
Very generic vacancies that might be worth your attention, but you’ll need to be patient, there’s a lot on here.
Also check out the following
It can be a bit of a drag searching all these sites – but hopefully now that you’ve got a more concentrated list of places to search!
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