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A Career Gear

Inside the SC Graduate membership, aspiring performance professionals like you

come together to meet, support one another, get answers,

learn from experts, participate in challenges and more.


 (Psst. we're also building out a Professional Membership)

Bridging the gap is hard, don't go it alone

You know the vocational skills gap is there, employers know it and it feels rubbish when you confront it and are hindered by it. So little support. Confusion. Doubt. No direct access to experts. Confusion about which path. Fear of falling short.

Aspiring sports performance professionals face these struggles every day. These struggles can lead to unfocused action, paralysis of momentum, poor decision making, and feeling overwhelmed. Faced with these struggles, it's no surprise why so many fall short of achieving their goals.

So little emphasis in education and work is put on how to become effective at working. Whether you're studying and want to up your employability or you're about to step out into the working world - you're often left to your own devices to get ahead. You should know that good grades will not be enough to get a job or flourish once you've got a job.

the right place?

Yes! You are most certainly in the right place to accelerate your career, though don't think there is a short cut.

It's not easy. Success is never guaranteed. However, the probability of success, building the skills to thrive, can be dramatically improved by joining forces with others who share your ambition, appetite and approach.

And the solution...

We have 25 years of supporting and championing performance people. We've seen 10,000's of CVs; interviewed 1000's of applicants; managed, developed and coached 1,000s of people to secure the job they dream of and to thrive in the role. We've never had a private community to focus on supporting people, until now!

Our employability community hub

The Graduate Membership is a community for committed, growth-minded, progressive aspiring performance practitioners, motivated to enhance their professional effectiveness by self-discovery, willing to do the work, eager to create their own future.

All performance professionals get there in a different way but share common experiences;


  • Education integrated with experience
  • Immersive training
  • Professional networking
  • Interactive collaborations
  • Access to proven advice and guidance


Taking true value from these experiences is only really possible when the place providing them has one critical quality: SAFETY!

Professionals, have no fear we're building a focused place for you to grow advanced skills, such as innovation, determinanats of performance, teamworking, crunch conversations. If you're interested in being the first to hear about it, then pre-register below.

Steve Ingham

ABOVE All, it's a safe place to grow

" We're creating a trusting place for development, privacy, testing yourself and constuctive support for you to up your skills. This is your one-stop-shop to craft your employability and personal effectiveness. "


Steve Ingham, Director and Performance Consultant

The Graduate membership will provide you with;

  • A safe place to discuss your burning questions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to performance concepts, content and guides
  • A community that welcome member from diverse backgrounds
  • A focused environment to accelerate learning
  • A privacy first attitude to all aspects of the community

Inside the Graduate membership

The community is built with three key pillars;

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A private and focused community

  • Channels for discussion around content, skill development and challenges your having
  • Member networking and cross-fertilisation
  • Mini-challenges to develop your mindset, skills and experience
  • Private 1:1 messaging between community members
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Professional Skills

Exclusive content to learn

  • Online lessons for whatever phase you're at;
    • Beginning employability journey
    • Exploring career routes
    • Transitioning to work
    • Applying for jobs
    • Interviewing for jobs
    • Starting work
  • Includes courses;
    • Kickstart Performance Skills (if bought separately £95)
    • Graduate to Performance (if bought separately £449)
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Expert interviews collection
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Direct access and support

  • Live Q&As each month
  • Bespoke webinars (members choose the topic they most would like to hear about)
  • Exclusive guides to download
  • Direct messaging

Founding members wanted

It's for you if you;


  • are motivated to learn and grow
  • are focused on a career supporting others
  • realise that your future is in your hands and you need to own it
  • accept the responsibility to work hard and diligently because you know that success is proportional to how well prepared you are
  • value multi- and inter-disciplinary thinking as the core of team working
  • appreciate that the 'how', the craft skill is what will determine your professional excellence

It's not for you if you;


  • are motivated by telling people what to do
  • believe knowledge will trump experience every time
  • are invulnerable
  • don't like receiving feedback
  • expect success to come easily because you've been through a phase of study
  • just want to focus on what you can do and don't need others for you to succeed
  • want a speedy-boarding pass to sit on the bench at Man Utd (or equivalent)

Feel like the membership is for you?


Our initial next intake is coming up  intake is underway and will close on 21st SEPTEMBER 2020. If you'd like to pre-register to to join the GRADUATE MEMBERSHIP, you can below!


Is there a fee? Yes there's a monthly recurring fee. You can stop the subscription anytime, but this is about you investing in your future.

Will there be a chance to have my own questions answered? Yes. Every month we'll hold a live Q&A session and go through your questions.

Will I get access to all the content? There is a road map of how the content will be rolled out over the next few months as the membership gets built. If we unleash it all straight away we're conscious of overwhelming members with too much at the start.

Can I connect directly with other members? Yes, direct messaging will be available early in the building process.

Will the content be discipline specific? Yes and no. The main focus is about how you work, your skills and importantly thinking in an interdisciplinary way (we believe you'll probably have more than enough knowledge, but it's how you use that knowledge that will determine your effectiveness). However, there are discipline specific interviews, guides and examples and there is a chance for you to create discipline specific forum discussions with people of a similar interest.