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the right place?

Yes! You are most certainly in the right place to accelerate your career. We have 25 years of supporting and championing performance people. We've seen 10,000s of CVs; interviewed 1000's of applicants; managed, developed and coached 1,000s of people to secure the job they dream of and to thrive in the role.

What's the problem?

Let us take a guess, you've got good grades and qualifications, you're a nice person with great intentions - but you can't get the job in performance that you were hoping for when you first set out! Below are some of the most common reasons as to why this may be the case:


Degree grades, qualification level, certification, publication record do not correlate with effectiveness in performance roles. So, what makes the difference?


The vast majority of employers require extensive experience and university based experience just isn't enough. So how do you acquire it and maximise it?

Accelorate Your Career

The critical moments that accelerate your career such as transitioning out of your studies, interviewing for jobs, initial meetings, performing under pressure are wholly neglected. So what's the inside track on how to perform?

Professional Skills

95% of poor working performance comes from a lack of professional skills. So, which skills are the most important and how do you develop them?

The Inside Track

We can help you find the answers to your questions by giving you the inside track on how to set yourself up, get started and excelling in your role.

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